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About us

Beverley Eastmond B.Com
Chartered Accountant (C.A) (Director)

I have 20 years of business experience, both in my own business and helping other business owners.
Having practical, ‘hands on’ business experience in my own SME businesses, I understand the mindset of business owners and I know how challenging it can be to be in business (especially for SME enterprises).
Accountancy experience in CA practices, has given me a firm understanding of the numbers. During my career I’ve met many people starting their own businesses ‘from scratch’, who were driven by excitement and creative vision, but they often ended up ‘juggling many balls’ and dropping quite a few of them…. that was how I began to understand that businesses thrive when they understand the value of getting expertise by those who have plenty of experience. As a coach, I got a lot of personal satisfaction from helping them make their businesses operate smoothly (and stop dropping those balls!).
One thing is for sure, there are lessons to be learned both from successes of others, as well as their failures.   It can avoid a lot of ‘grief’ if you are aware before you start out about what to avoid – the most common causes of downfall.

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