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Board position as Advisor

Our offering is tailored to your needs (Smaller sized businesses with one or two owners may refer to this as ‘business coaching’.  Larger businesses with multiple advisors will have a CFO accountant acting as part of their “Board” of Advisors amongst other Advisors such as marketers, legal etc. (NB: important to note that a “Board of Advisors”, is not a part of a “Board of Directors”).

Have access to a professional sounding board.  Conduct board meetings with other paid or voluntary board Advisory members (the professionals who are selected by you to be on your Advisory Board).

How it works:

Step One : create business Vision and a clear Strategy for getting there (if this has not already been done)

Step Two : the business Strategy will be broken down into order of Milestones, and Tasks

Step Three: based on Strategy and Tasks/Milestones – get accurate, quality reporting and forecasting in place (financial, and non-financial reporting).  Mirror, mirror on the wall…. (do you have a regular accurate reflection of your results)?

Step Four : regular (usually monthly, or two monthly) board meetings and/or phone calls are scheduled.  Track progress on tasks set at the last meeting.


No surprises! All business coaching services, or Board Advisory services are agreed upfront and tailored to your needs, with convenient monthly instalments.